Open source survey management
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Open source survey management

After realizing that there are no good open source survey creators, I have decided to write my own.

The front end uses HTML and CSS, and the backend uses PHP. Currently, there is no Javascript involved, but this will likely change in the future. I’d like to keep the software as lightweight as possible.

The end goal is for OpenForm to have the following features:

  • Frontend control panel featuring multi-user and multi-survey-per-user support, as well as tools to create and customize surveys, and analyze response data. The ability to export a CSV is also a must.

  • Multi-paged surveys. For long surveys, it can be overwhelming having the questions all on one page. The ability to break the survey into smaller pages is important, as well as including a progress bar so people can see how far along they are.

  • Dependent questions. I’d like for questions to be greyed out, or possibly missing entirely, based on the response to a previous question. I’d also like to extend it so that even entire pages can be removed.

  • Required questions. Right now, questions can be skipped. The ability for some questions to be marked as essential is a necessity.

Currently, the survey has to be created manually with code, using the framework provided. For more information, check out example.php.


An example survey can be found here. It makes use of all the features currently available.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License V3. For more information, check the file.