30 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen D 6f716c4941 Added memory management, print_dec, more cray work 7 months ago
  Stephen D b303f2d545 Needs a status screen and reserved memory detection, but the basic concept is done 8 months ago
  Stephen D 5633638ae8 Changed text editor to reflect new screen 8 months ago
  Stephen Downward ee39f07ded Starting changing screen drivers to 640x480, 16 colours 8 months ago
  Stephen Downward 3cc95f196f merge textedit 9 months ago
  Stephen Downward 80ed2ce986 textedit comment 9 months ago
  Stephen D e990193e06 strsplit 9 months ago
  Stephen D 68b6a9866a memtest 10 months ago
  Stephen D 9264fe45ec Clear command, unknown command 10 months ago
  Stephen D 53321c6687 make count 10 months ago
  Stephen D 658bbd0fef SEDIT backspace done(?) 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward 289aea8b07 Beginning of sedit backspace. Very glitchy, do not use 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward c18bd6cc7f Added sedit disk reads 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward be5a8969ce removed comment 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward 4713e7626e changed stuff for the 286 10 months ago
  Stephen D 7d8ded7910 Minor changes 10 months ago
  Stephen D f9af2e0d8d Disk type specified 10 months ago
  Stephen D 1b42e95126 Enabled disk writes, SEDIT buffer saves 10 months ago
  Stephen D dede5d053c Loading sectors - OS size no longer limited 10 months ago
  Stephen D 91e75b6b89 Moved print to own file, added print_hex function 10 months ago
  Stephen D c1dc90502d Sedit enter 10 months ago
  Stephen D ff79c9ad55 text editor additions 10 months ago
  Stephen D 15c8f34471 bugfix 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward 1b5110a433 Changed boot msg 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward 0174e96ced More text editing stuff 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward 4e487227b9 No more flat files, backspace works on newline 10 months ago
  Stephen Downward 968fb6f0e4 Added makefile 10 months ago
  Stephen D de797ce12c added stuff 10 months ago
  Stephen D f1b755211f first code commit 10 months ago
  stephen 5be7996556 initial commit 10 months ago