19 Commits (master)

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  Stephen Downward 74a46b1116 Save every frame 1 day ago
  Stephen Downward b552156aa9 Engine changes for readability and possibly 3D in the future 1 day ago
  Stephen Downward 48878d1c65 Bug fixes, circular galaxies, pngs 3 days ago
  Stephen Downward 74c7f735e7 Collision catalyst handles stars with NAN coords/velocities 4 months ago
  Stephen Downward d739f817b7 Fixed bug when restoring 4 months ago
  Stephen Downward 6b05c35d46 MASSIVE performance improvement(barnes hut algorithm), better colours when converting to img 4 months ago
  Stephen Downward 4d42622ef4 Options work for collision catalyst 11 months ago
  Stephen D 48336bb589 mass bugfix 11 months ago
  Stephen D e3a7b92e21 Added engine for simulating collision between galaxies 11 months ago
  Stephen D 31204b40bd More sensible mass units, critical engine bug fix 11 months ago
  Stephen D 6358f9d05b makefile 11 months ago
  Stephen D 3cfc0dd5e5 Saving/loading 11 months ago
  Stephen D 95443cbebd Command line options 11 months ago
  Stephen D 62120bfc62 readme fix 11 months ago
  Stephen D 6b3f734001 Removed old binary 11 months ago
  Stephen D 88eefc3b06 readme 11 months ago
  Stephen D ad1dd70496 Example simulations 11 months ago
  Stephen D 7d1dbcb921 More config options 11 months ago
  Stephen D c39da79a69 first commit 11 months ago