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Render of V3

This is a system that I have created from scratch. The idea is to detect drones with an Xbox Kinect and then take them down with a weapon that has yet to be decided. The full article can be read here:

Currently, I am going through the process of redesigning the hardware from scratch. Instead of Nema 23s and beefy stepper motors, I am switching to Nema 17s and regular A4983 stepper drivers. I have also designed a custom board for it. This means that the STL files are incomplete, and printing them will result in something that won't work. I am currently between 3D printers, and I can't add in the second set screw mount until I confirm the first one works. All done!


-Port Kinect/C# code to Raspberry Pi

-Finish STL model

-Finish controller board - Remove Arduino altogether and make it Pi Hat?

-Make build guide