A program that allows you to use a Kinect as a greenscreen. No fancy studio required!
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This is a program I wrote that can use an Xbox Kinect for greenscreen purposes. It is very minimal right now, and there's still some work to do, but the proof of concept is there.

The program works by checking for a threshold - The default is 2000mm, or 2m. For each pixel, it checks it with the threshold. If it's farther than that away, it counts it as a background, and leaves the pixel the same as the input image. If it's closer, it replaces the input image pixel with the camera pixel. This has massive advantages. You don't need a special environment - No special greenscreen, no special lightning, not even a flat background.

I forgot I had this. When rediscovering it, I decided to publish it. Thus, the code is messy, and contains very few comments.


-Record audio, ideally from the Kinect

-Record video + audio to hard disk, right now it doesn't record, it just displays it in realtime

-Add place to change variables, greenscreen image, possibly option to change which Kinect to use, so people don't have to go into the code to change it Done!

-Add ability for greenscreen image to be a video. This could be difficult, especially with all the configuration options needed to make it useful

-Scale up Kinect image, currently it scales down the greenscreen image, which results in an image that is of low quality(640x480)