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kiss2 - Python KISS Module

kiss2 is a Python Module that implementations the `KISS Protocol <>`_ for
communicating with KISS-enabled devices (such as Serial or TCP TNCs). It is based on kiss(Another python module) which is no longer maintained.


- 6.5.x branch will be the last version of this Module that supports Python 2.7.x
- 7.x.x branch and-on will be Python 3.x ONLY.

Install from pypi using pip: ``pip install kiss2``

Usage Examples
Read & print frames from a TNC connected to '/dev/ttyUSB0' at 1200 baud::

import kiss

def p(x): print(x) # prints whatever is passed in.

k = kiss.SerialKISS('/dev/ttyUSB0', 1200)
k.start() # inits the TNC, optionally passes KISS config flags. # reads frames and passes them to `p`.

See also: examples/ directory.

Run nosetests from a Makefile target::

make test

Similar Projects

* `apex <>`_ by Jeffrey Phillips Freeman (WI2ARD). Next-Gen APRS Protocol. (based on this Module! :)
* `aprslib <>`_ by Rossen Georgiev. A Python APRS Library with build-in parsers for several Frame types.
* `aprx <>`_ by Matti & Kenneth. A C-based Digi/IGate Software for POSIX platforms.
* `dixprs <>`_ by HA5DI. A Python APRS project with KISS, digipeater, et al., support.
* `APRSDroid <>`_ by GE0RG. A Java/Scala Android APRS App.
* `YAAC <>`_ by KA2DDO. A Java APRS Client.
* `Ham-APRS-FAP <>`_ by A Perl APRS Parser.
* `Dire Wolf <>`_ by WB2OSZ. A C-Based Soft-TNC for interfacing with sound cards. Can present as a KISS interface!


Greg Albrecht W2GMD (kiss)
Stephen Downward VA1QLE (kiss2)

Copyright 2017 Greg Albrecht(kiss), Stephen Downward(kiss2) and Contributors

Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for details.