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  Stephen a7a46a91d9 Code improvements 2 weeks ago
  Stephen dc6fd019ef Fix formatting bug 3 weeks ago
  Stephen d77f8a57c8 Fix blade width edge cases and add unit tests 3 weeks ago
  Stephen ffdf05d5ed clippy fix 3 weeks ago
  Stephen cccf300970 Identify wood by ID so that names can be changed without recalculating 3 weeks ago
  Stephen 9eafab1dcb Metric/imperial toggle 3 weeks ago
  Stephen 18e4d80437 blade width setting 1 month ago
  Stephen 224fe38d21 Fix floating point formatting 1 month ago
  Stephen 68191e7886 Update readme 1 month ago
  Stephen 2bf9963b9f Update readme 1 month ago
  Stephen cd77756638 Add readme 1 month ago
  Stephen bbd13aa937 Add footer 1 month ago
  Stephen 16128426ba Improve UI 1 month ago
  Stephen d78100762e Very basic prototype 1 month ago