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  Stephen cfe256ac1e Fix warning 19 hours ago
  Stephen 9d0e24c425 Added *= += -= /= ^= %= 19 hours ago
  Stephen ea44f642b4 Add string equality test 2 days ago
  Stephen 9eae8470ba Add modulus 2 days ago
  Stephen 4b0751dfd1 cut release 2 days ago
  Stephen f5ab218ba4 Escapeable literals 2 days ago
  Stephen ebd5010fff Give IO ownership to XBasic object 4 days ago
  Stephen 312a4176ec Version bump 4 days ago
  Stephen c04d052741 Fix comment on last line causing error 4 days ago
  Stephen 3118584142 Allow Z in indentifier name 4 days ago
  Stephen a58447c42d fix native function argument order 4 days ago
  Stephen 84b0dd1bd8 Fix expression statements corrupting stack 4 days ago
  Stephen 96c73eef5d Bug fix 4 days ago
  Stephen ca885c28e7 new release 4 days ago
  Stephen e0476681f9 Bug fixes 4 days ago
  Stephen 31e15e3108 Minor bug fixes 5 days ago
  Stephen 380d70a28b Version bump 5 days ago
  Stephen f568bcfb68 Compute limit bug fix 5 days ago
  Stephen 525c560df3 Add repository 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 95dd31a989 Add desc 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 26495be67b Fix some todos, update readme, clippy 2 weeks ago
  stephen 19d3946bb2 Merge pull request 'Add INPUT statements' (#1) from input_wip into master 2 weeks ago
  stephen 6bd02fd87e Merge branch 'master' into input_wip 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 181a7b4842 powers 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 481afff9c8 Basic std(typeof) 2 weeks ago
  Stephen f464a40f75 Remove some ExprValue types 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 307a15e463 Add INPUT statements 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 84ea58a4e8 compute limit 2 weeks ago
  Stephen 0f47826612 Basic benchmark 3 weeks ago
  Stephen 54a24ed9a2 Call xBASIC function from Rust 3 weeks ago
  Stephen 9331435090 Allow calling functions that were defined in previous runs 4 weeks ago
  Stephen 4dc2d04493 Comments and other small changes/improvements 4 weeks ago
  Stephen 7b5feea3d5 Add license 4 weeks ago
  Stephen 41db3d2bd0 Docs 4 weeks ago
  Stephen 7a6175b678 Native functions 4 weeks ago
  Stephen 82a4f13cb0 Functions 1 month ago
  Stephen ecc149cfe2 Handle whitespace more gracefully 1 month ago
  Stephen f96ed778c2 XBASIC examples 1 month ago
  Stephen 4565f2aa52 Minor code changes 1 month ago
  Stephen 2e17b3ae26 Control flow 1 month ago
  Stephen ee6547ec9f Equalities 1 month ago
  Stephen 506bd5997e Variables 1 month ago
  Stephen 7ecde20975 Unary operators 1 month ago
  Stephen 5a1a2fcfe2 Logical expressions 1 month ago
  Stephen d6922a0d60 Arithmetic tests 1 month ago
  Stephen 0e5202dfd9 arithmetic 1 month ago
  Stephen 687ea852af Basic tests 1 month ago
  Stephen 60e1064b2a Initial commit - does hello world 1 month ago