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My first real 68000 single board computer

Updated 1 month ago

Software for the 68000 SBC I'm designing

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Meant to be a successor to ax25. Built in packet-checksum, support for large packets(1kb+), and gzip compression. When sending something longer than the packet length, it is automatically broken up and reassembled on the other side.

Updated 2 years ago

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A BBS for the ax26 protocol.

Updated 2 years ago

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Allows connecting to an IRC server over the AX26 protocol.

Updated 2 years ago

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A basic ax26 terminal.

Updated 2 years ago

Calculates your average wpm just by listening in the background. Ideal if you can type much faster than you can read.

Updated 2 years ago

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A web wallet for BCH

Updated 10 months ago
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That's a lot of bees!

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Garbage website

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A program that splits an input file into 2 files, where the lower/even bytes end up in one file and the upper/odd bytes end up in another. Useful for programming systems with a 16-bit data bus width that consists of 2 8-bit ROMs.

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Updated 1 year ago

The ultimate C# chemistry library, capable of balancing, predicting reactions, with special types for elements, polyatomic ions, reactions, and more! TODO: Basically everything

Updated 4 years ago

Another emoji reaction bot(this one is for Discord)

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