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Software for the 68000 SBC I'm designing

Updated 2 days ago

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An xBASIC interpreter library written in Rust. xBASIC is a language loosely based off of QBasic.

Updated 5 days ago

Another emoji reaction bot(this one is for Discord)

Updated 6 days ago

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Blog platform

Updated 1 week ago

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Some utilities designed to take a wikipedia xml dump and perform analysis.

Updated 3 weeks ago

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Like lolcat, but fast

Updated 1 month ago

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Lox interpreter in rust

Updated 2 months ago

Reacts to Matrix messages with a cat emoji if they have the word "cat" in them

Updated 2 months ago

For managing web proxies across different projects/processes

Updated 3 months ago

Facilitates 2D/3D n-body simulations in O(nlogn) time

Updated 3 months ago

Echos back HTTP headers in the form of a JSON body.

Updated 3 months ago

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A 3D gravitational simulator, written in rust

Updated 3 months ago

A routing engine compatible with *.osm.pbf files

Updated 4 months ago

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A TCP stress tester written in Rust

Updated 4 months ago

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Firefox/Chrome extension that allows you to see the history of whatever Kijiji ad you want - price and description changes, as well as times that the ad was reposted.

Updated 5 months ago